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I'm really inspired by your photos. I want to go out at night and photograph people and things.:)


these night shots of cubao are really alive with activity.. nice work.. :)

Ashish Sidapara

Love the last shot, beautiful.

dennis villegas

Wonderful, wonderful photos. I wish I knew the ways to shoot good photographs like this.


agree with Otto - an excellent trio - modern commerce. and this will sound funny but i find the presence of 7-11 reassuring. i love going there and it feel lonely when i go some place where there isn't one.


Tu couvres vraiment toutes les facettes de la vie nocturne.
ça change un peu :))


This series captures the feeling of "night" on the streets. I like the stark quality of the black and white and the subjects chosen. The ATM with debris scattered about and the officer monitoring who comes and goes at the convenience store. Nice series.


delightful...full of life.


we all need money to buy our stuff. Including those little ones to get there fix of sugar


I like the past/present contrast!
The one with the running child is excellent.

Gérard Méry

Le dernière est géniale avec ce gamin qui sort en courant


Excellent street shots, love the last one.


loving this series, this post and the ones before it. I almost feel like I'm there.


oh my friend sidney! i love these black and white shots. they look three dimensional! (what is that called? depth of field? is that right?) only you could make an atm area with all its trash come to life. xo

John Maslowski

Your street images are stunning and fascinating. Love to look at this interesting city and the people. You are very creative in your capture of these scenes, excellent work.

Chris Vallancour

I like the kids running out of the 7-11, with the door being held by a person in uniform (I would assume is a police officer or in the military?) - but the door holder looks like a door man, and the children escaped without paying a tip...


Great group of shots. Really captured the essence and feel of the area.


Still impressed by your Cubao Nights. You could have a fantastic exhibition, or even a book. I find them great, all of them.


Nice set again today, Sidney. Like some of the others, I really like photo #2 - I think it's the symmetry. And the beautiful black shadows. Lovely b/w's.


Again, Sidney, everyday life on the street!


Sidney the ATM photo is wonderful. So telling.


It's hard to see people seeking shelter near the ATM. It's just saddening to see. Great to see kids being kids in the third snap.


The second picture has a powerful mood to it. Its almost as if this man needs money but has none and is being mocked by the ATM machines above him.


Old and new money changing systems.


I like second picture the most. He is expressive in the subject from emphasised mood.

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